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I became mainstream without a label – Gasmilla

I became mainstream without a label - Gasmilla

I became mainstream without a label - Gasmilla
I became mainstream without a label – Gasmilla

I became mainstream without a label – Gasmilla

Ghanaian rapper Gasmilla has proudly said that he is the first artist to emerge into the public without the help of a record label.

Speaking on the prominent TV show, Onua Showtime, presented by McBrown, speaking on the issue of musicians balancing their music careers alongside other kinds of income.
“I am the first artist to ever enter the mainstream industry without a record label,” said the “Telemo” hitmaker.

He emphasized his path as an independent artist who successfully navigated the music industry without the customary backing and resources that record labels frequently offer to budding performers.

Expounding on career management, Gasmilla attributed his success as a solo artist without record label assistance to his accounting background, which provided him with the financial management abilities required for his career.

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Gasmilla’s revelation highlights the changing dynamics of the music industry, in which independent artists are increasingly empowered to forge their own paths to success, relying on their talent and resourcefulness to connect with mainstream audiences, signaling a shift away from traditional record label models.

Odartei Milla Lamptey (born December 15, 1984) is a Ghanaian Hiplife artist better known as Gasmilla or International Fisherman. He is most known for his popular songs Aboodatoi and Telemo feat. Capasta, as well as for inventing the Azonto Dance and Genre. He is a songwriter and vocalist of Afro-pop music. He asserted that he was the Vodafone Green Ambassador.

While in junior high, Gasmilla began his music career by featuring artists. He became the first artist of Cold Eye Studios while still in senior high school. “Aboodatoi” was Gasmilla’s first major single.

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Lamptey began singing seriously at the age of seven, motivated by his father, and has been performing since the age of twelve.[Citation required] He began making music slowly, but steadily improved. He decided to pursue a career in music when he was 13 years old.

His mother had purchased a boom-box with a microphone, which he used to record his rap and ragga tunes, with the assistance of his younger sister singing choruses; it was at this point that he found his hidden gift. He was a big name in media and entertainment in high school at Wesley Grammar School.

[Citation required] Lamptey was even named the best performing artist at an inter-school fiesta in 2003.[Citation required] He was also one of the University of Professional Studies’ top rappers. He’s also collaborated with notable producers like Decoder, Odo Nsuo, Akwaboah, and others.


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