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I Will Fill The O2 Arena By Myself – Samini

I Will Fill The O2 Arena By Myself - Samini

I Will Fill The O2 Arena By Myself - Samini
I Will Fill The O2 Arena By Myself – Samini

I Will Fill The O2 Arena By Myself – Samini.

Samini, Ghana’s Reggae and Dancehall legend, has voiced unflinching faith in his capacity to fill London’s famed O2 Arena on his own, if given the proper assistance.

The seasoned musician believes that his worldwide renown and exciting performances will draw followers from all around the world.

Samini made the big claim during an interview with Berla Mundi on the Day Show, where he emphasized the potential of his brand to generate a large crowd.

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Referencing his “Batman” days, Samini noted his worldwide fame and previous successes as a Mobo Award winner as some of the things that have garnered notice.

“By myself, I will fill it,” he asserted confidently, adding that with the correct investment and advertising, the arena could be filled to capacity.

He emphasized that he was recognized globally as Batman before taking on the Samini identity, and that many people throughout the world recognize the brand.

However, Samini underlined that he would not undertake such an endeavor alone. He raised worries about depending only on Ghanaian investors, noting previous instances in which their pledges were frequently broken. “I’m not going to take that money and go do this because a Ghanaian wants the place to be full.” “No Ghanaian investor is going to do that,” Samini said.

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He emphasized that it is not Ghanaian custom to freely invest monies in such activities, and he doesn’t fully trust Ghanaian investors to support such a project.

Samini noted that while typical Ghanaian investors may engage in conversations and look helpful, their devotion tends to weaken when it comes to cash assistance.


Despite this, he is adamant that, with the appropriate funding and marketing, he can accomplish the extraordinary feat of filling London’s O2 Arena, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on the world music scene.


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