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How to Scan or Rescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana

How to Scan or Rescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana

How to ScanRescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana
How to Scan or Rescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana

How to Scan or Rescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana.

Television has been around for a long time, and the technology behind it is always improving. We no longer want analogue television and have moved on to digital and satellite television.

Many Ghanaians appreciate the ability to watch free-to-air television using their digital decoders. In fact, most TVs in Ghana now come with built-in digital decoders, eliminating the need for any form of external decoder.

However, there are occasions when you just cannot find any stations to watch while trying to watch your favorite free to air networks.

The channels are mostly present, but there is no picture or sound, and you are stuck with an unpleasant “no signal” screen. Other times, the channel list displays nothing at all.

You are not, however, alone. This happened to me far too often when I used to like watching television. All you need to do to repair the problem and resume watching your free-to-air TV shows is fast scan or rescan your channels, and you’ll be OK.

When is the most appropriate time to scan for channels?

Scanning for channels should not be done on a regular basis. If there are new TV channels and you wish to get them, you must scan for them.

Also, if you had certain channels that were previously operating but have now stopped working, rescanning is the best way to restore them.

When some TV stations change/migrate to different frequencies, you will need to scan your channels to get them back up and running.

Scanning your Digital TV channels at least once a month is also a smart idea. Some modern TV models do this in the background.

If you notice that your TV automatically adds new channels even when not scanned, you may not need to scan it at regular intervals, unless it isn’t working for some reason.

So How to Scan or Rescan for Digital TV Channels in Ghana?

This method of scanning your TV works for both Digibox (including Multi TV, Strong TV, and others) and TVs with built-in digital TV decoders.

You are ready to scan once you have ensured that your TV is linked to an antenna and is in a favorable position (typically outdoors).

To scan your digital TV for Ghanaian channels, follow the instructions below:

Press the “Menu” button on your remote control while watching TV or using your Digibox.

1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu and select it.

2. Scroll down to “Channel Scan” and select it. Depending on the model, it may alternatively be referred to as “Rescan,” “Tune,” or “Auto-tune.”

3. Select the “Auto Tuning” option.

4. Choose “Ghana” as your nation and Select “DVB-T” or “DVB-T2”

5. To begin the procedure, click Start Scan.

6. Wait for the scan to complete before you begin watching your new channels.

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Once your TV begins to browse for stations, you may unwind and choose something to occupy your time. This is due to the fact that channel scanning might take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Your TV may display the number of channels during or after the scan. You can repeat the scan if you are displeased with the results.


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