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Medikal Drops New Song Dubbed “Balenciaga” Featuring Mayorkun

Medikal Drops New Song Dubbed "Balenciaga" Featuring Mayorkun

Medikal Drops New Song Dubbed "Balenciaga" Featuring Mayorkun
Medikal Drops New Song Dubbed “Balenciaga” Featuring Mayorkun

Medikal Drops New Song Dubbed “Balenciaga” Featuring Mayorkun.

The African music landscape has been gifted with yet another jewel with the release of rapper Medikal’s new track, “Balenciaga,” which features legendary Nigerian singer Mayorkun. The song is from Medikal’s next album, “Planning and Plotting,” a 14-track masterwork that features a synthesis of varied musical talents from around the continent.

“Balenciaga,” a single that promises to set dance floors ablaze and connect with fans worldwide, is one of the album’s highlights. Fresh VDM, recognized for his remarkable work with top-tier African singers, produced the song, which emanates a dynamic energy that captures the spirit of current African music.

Medikal, a rap veteran, has painstakingly constructed a roster of collaborations that includes heavyweights like as Headie One, Shatta Wale, the legendary Ofori Amponsah, and the versatile Bisa Kdei, among others.

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“Balenciaga” is a shining example of the power of cross-cultural cooperation. Mayorkun’s silky vocals compliment Medikal’s furious lines, resulting in a harmonic combination that crosses boundaries and strikes a deep chord with listeners.

The song smoothly crosses the gap between Nigeria and Ghana, two African music powerhouses, highlighting their common cultural and musical legacy.

The name “Balenciaga” is symbolic, denoting richness and splendor. The lyrics of the song explore themes of achievement, ambition, and the quest of greatness, matching the musicians’ personal experiences in the music business.

Medikal and Mayorkun inspire listeners to accompany them on a journey to achieve their ambitions with their energetic lyrics, making “Balenciaga” an anthem for anybody aiming for success.

The production on this track by Fresh VDM is nothing short of spectacular. The maestro deftly combines diverse musical components, resulting in a bright and addictive groove that serves as the ideal background for Medikal and Mayorkun’s spectacular performances.

As a consequence, the song is both commercially accessible and artistically meaningful. “Planning and Plotting” has the potential to be a game changer in the African music business, demonstrating Medikal’s flexibility as an artist and his ability to traverse numerous musical genres with ease.

The album’s varied variety of collaborations and superb production quality attest to Medikal’s commitment to producing music that crosses borders. When “Balenciaga” hits the airwaves, audiences will be able to see the magic that occurs when two musical powerhouses collaborate to produce something remarkable.

The addictive energy of the song, along with its deep cultural importance, will undoubtedly propel it to the top of the charts throughout the continent and beyond.


In an industry that values creativity and cooperation, “Balenciaga” is a brilliant example of what can be accomplished when artists collaborate to create something genuinely unique. Medikal and Mayorkun’s collaboration on this tune exemplifies Africa’s music scene’s potential for unity and innovation.

As the world awaits the release of “Planning and Plotting,” it is clear that Medikal’s career is on the rise, and his influence on the African music industry will certainly be felt for years to come.

“Balenciaga” is only a taste of the magnificence that awaits us on this album, and it serves as a reminder of African music’s limitless potential.

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